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Leaf Protections Gutters

Looking for the perfect leaf and gutter protection? Sorry, it doesn’t exist.

Tear-Off vs. Re-Roof

Tear-Off vs. Re-Roof – The Pros and Cons

Patching or Repairing

Patching or repairing your roof may NOT be a good idea!

Top 10 Reasons

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Franciscus Roofing

Ceiling Stains

That Stain On The Ceiling May Not Be A Roof Leak!

Leaf protection. Gutter protection. You’ve heard these words over and over and over….and they are ALL the best! Just ask any one of them...Leaf Guard, Gutter Helmet, Leaf Relief...

The Age Old Question When You’re Preparing to Replace Your Roof….. “Do we tear the old one off or just reroof over the top of it?” Every homeowner sooner or later faces the daunting task...

There’s nothing like a early spring day when the temperatures rise and the high winds are perfect for flying a kite with your kids, right? Unfortunately, those perfect kite-flying conditions...

When it comes investing in your home you want a clear idea of how much it will cost so there are no surprises. Franciscus Inc. provides this with every single project....

When a homeowner sees a stain on the ceiling, the first (and most logical) reaction is “My roof is leaking, call the roofer!” Calling a local roofing contractor is definitely a good idea...