Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement May Be Necessary

Patching or Repairing Your Roof May NOT Be a Good Idea!


There’s nothing like an early spring day when the temperatures rise, and the high winds are perfect for flying a kite with your kids, right? Unfortunately, those perfect kite-flying conditions could also wreak havoc on your shingled roof as well!

Missing shingles from your home due to high wind often creates an unknown dilemma for homeowners, especially for the do-it-yourself handy-person. The dilemma is this, you need to get your roof repaired as soon as possible to protect your family and belongings, but in doing so without the right guidance, you can inadvertently put yourself in a detrimental position with your insurance company in the long run.

Let Us Explain

We have seen time and time again well-intentioned homeowners who think they’re doing the right thing by not calling a professional roofer for a simple repair, and more importantly, not notifying their insurance carrier of wind damage and then replace the missing shingles themselves with shingles that are not a perfect match to the rest of their roof.


Test One – The Leaking Glass of Lemonade/Ice Water

A lot, especially if you live in a “color matching” state such as Ohio! You see insurance carriers are required to be sure your roof is in the same condition it was before the weather event that caused the damage. In other words, if you had a non-patched, matching roof before the high winds that caused the damage, the end result must be that your roof doesn’t look patched or repaired after the repair is complete.

Most homeowners don’t know what brand of shingle is on their older roof, let alone the name of the color. There’s even a good chance it’s been discontinued. It is important to understand that if your current shingle is discontinued, you may be entitled to a full roof replacement through insurance since it cannot be matched. This also holds true even if the shingle and color on your home are still being manufactured. Think about it, if your current shingles have been exposed to the weather for 8-10 years or longer, what are the chances brand new shingles fresh out of the wrapper will match exactly? Slim to none.


What If I Don’t See Any Missing Shingles, But I See Other Damage in The Neighborhood?

Shingles don’t necessarily need to be missing to be considered damaged or compromised. What you may not have noticed during the high winds were the shingles flipping up and then laying back down. This process creases and weakens the shingles and shortens the lifespan of the shingles as well.


What Should I Do?

Call a reputable local roofing contractor as soon as possible, preferably one with extensive insurance experience and have them assess the situation. If your roof is more than 7-10 years old, their recommendation will more than likely be to install a temporary tarp to protect your family and home until either a matching shingle can be located for a permanent repair or an appointment with an insurance adjuster can be set.

This immediate action will accomplish two important things:

  • It will give you peace of mind that you’re protected until a permanent repair can be made.
  • You will not inadvertently put yourself in the position of unintentionally setting the precedent that a patched roof is acceptable on your home!