Chimney Repair & Inspection Services

At Franciscus Incorporated, we recognize that chimneys are often the most overlooked part of a home’s maintenance plan. Our experience tells us that many homeowners only start to consider their chimney’s condition when a leak appears. However, the integrity of your chimney is crucial, not just for the efficiency of your fireplace but also for the overall health and safety of your roofing system.

Why Franciscus Incorporated for Chimney Repairs:
• Expert Inspection: We conduct thorough inspections of chimneys to identify any underlying issues that might compromise your home’s safety and comfort. Our assessments cover everything from the flashing up, ensuring the entire chimney structure is sound.
• Comprehensive Repair Solutions: Whether it’s tuckpointing to renew the mortar joints or a complete chimney rebuild due to brick spalling, our team is equipped to address all levels of chimney repair needs.
• Integral Approach: Our holistic view ensures that we consider the chimney’s condition in any roofing project. This means if your roof leaks around the chimney area, we’ll investigate to determine if the chimney itself is the source of the problem, preventing unnecessary repairs.
• Dedicated Service Team: While you might not catch me, Tom, directly on the phone, Bridget, our exceptional customer service representative, is always ready to assist you and schedule your consultation.

Don’t wait for leaks to tell you it’s time to check your chimney. Contact Franciscus Incorporated today to ensure your chimney and roofing system are in top condition. With our comprehensive chimney repair services, you can rest assured that your home is in capable hands.

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