Owens Corning Platinum Warranty by Franciscus Roofing


When it comes to roofing, the quality of materials and the expertise of the installer are paramount. At Franciscus Roofing, we are proud to be recognized as a Platinum Contractor by Owens Corning, a designation that places us among the elite in the Cleveland roofing market. This status is not just a title; it represents our commitment to providing superior roofing solutions.

Benefits of Choosing a Platinum Contractor:

As a Platinum Contractor, we offer an exclusive extended warranty package that goes beyond what typical roofers can provide. This includes:

  • A 25-year non-prorated warranty, extending up to 50 years with slight proration, ensuring long-term protection and peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive coverage that includes not only the shingles but all Owens Corning roofing components used in the installation.
  • Guaranteed Quality Installation: The installation of your roof significantly influences its durability and performance. Our technicians are trained directly by Owens Corning to follow precise installation procedures, ensuring that every roof we install is done right the first time.

Why Trust Franciscus Roofing?

Choosing Franciscus Roofing means you’re opting for a team that is highly trained, uses top-tier roofing products, and provides warranties that genuinely protect your investment. The Owens Corning Platinum Warranty we offer is testament to our ability to deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Explore the benefits of a roof installed by a Platinum Contractor. Call us today to discuss how we can elevate the safety and aesthetics of your home with a premium roofing solution.


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