Recognizing Signs of Roof Damage Inside Your Home


While external inspections post-storm are crucial, sometimes the first signs of roof damage appear inside your home. Recognizing these early indicators can prevent more significant issues later on. At Franciscus Roofing, we’re here to help you identify and address these signs effectively.

Internal Indicators of Roof Damage

  • Water Stains: These often appear on ceilings or walls, particularly in upper rooms. They can indicate a leak that, while small, could lead to more severe problems if not addressed.
  • Dampness Around Chimneys and Vents: This could signify failing flashing or seals, common areas of concern that can let water seep into your home.

Comprehensive Roof Tune-Up Services

To prevent these minor issues from becoming major headaches, Franciscus Roofing offers thorough roof tune-ups. This preventative maintenance service is recommended starting around the tenth year of your roof’s life to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Here’s what our tune-ups include:

  • Seal Exposed Nails: An essential step to prevent water penetration.
  • Check and Replace Flashings: Including those around chimneys, vents, and the often-problematic soil stack pipes.
  • Inspect and Replace Stack Collars and Boots: These are critical to prevent leaks around pipe penetrations.

Preventative maintenance can significantly extend the life of your roof and safeguard your home against potential damage. Starting these check-ups early can help you avoid unexpected repairs and maintain your home’s integrity through all seasons.

If you’re nearing the ten-year mark or notice any signs of potential roof damage, don’t hesitate to contact Franciscus Roofing. We’re ready to tighten up your roof and ensure your home is prepared to withstand whatever the weather brings.

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