Hail Damage Roof Repair & Inspection

At Franciscus Incorporated, we understand the concerns that come with hail damage to your home. While hail damage might not be immediately visible to the untrained eye, its impact on your roof can lead to significant issues down the line. Since being drawn into the insurance side of roofing in 2010, we have become especially equipped to navigating these challenges for homeowners.

The Importance of Hail Damage:

• Identifying Damage: Start by inspecting soft metals around your home, such as downspouts, gutters, and aluminum sidings, for dents. These are indicators that your roof may also have sustained damage.
• Professional Inspection: If you suspect hail damage, or even if you don’t see any obvious signs, it’s crucial to have a professional inspection. Franciscus Incorporated offers comprehensive evaluations to assess the extent of the damage.
• Understanding the Impact: Hail can dislodge granules from the shingles, exposing the asphalt underneath to UV rays. This doesn’t lead to immediate leaks but compromises the roof’s integrity over time.
• Insurance Claims: In many cases, a hail-damaged roof may require replacement, especially if the shingles are discontinued or the neighborhood is older. We can assist with navigating insurance claims to ensure your home is restored to its pre-damage condition.

Don’t wait for visible leaks to address hail damage. Contact Franciscus Incorporated at the first sign of hail impact for a thorough roof inspection and expert guidance through the repair or replacement process.

Keep your home protected against the elements with our experienced team by your side.

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